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How to Replace a Toilet

You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save on your water bill by replacing your old toilet with a new water saving model. This is a project that can be completed by the average homeowner in an afternoon. With adequate preparation, replacing a toilet is a fairly straightforward task. Step 1: […]

3 Surprising Home Repair Jobs Your Local Plumbing Company Can Handle

Do you need to make repairs around your home, but are unsure who to call? Do you need home repair help but don’t know any contractors you can trust? It might surprise you to discover that your local plumbing company is often more than capable of attending to numerous home repair chores. Following are three surprising […]

Are Your Pipes Leaking?

When was the last time you checked your plumbing system for signs of a leak? If you are like most homeowners, you don’t even think about this type of problem unless you see it. However, it is important to give your system a good look every few months to ensure that no leaks exist to […]

Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

Although it’s a little hard to appreciate if your water pipes have just burst in the middle of winter, the fact water expands when it freezes is a rather amazing property. Without this property it wouldn’t float, meaning seas would freeze from the bottom up; not good news for marine life, or for any life in fact. Anyway, […]

Finding a Professional Denver Plumber

Your local parts store is typically full of pipes, fitting, drains, fixtures, valves and other plumbing supplies. If you have a natural do-it-yourself mentality, easy access to parts and a desire to save money can easily compel you to tackle challenging plumbing jobs. Simple fixes, like replacing a standard flapper and chain, are often within […]